Frank Hamilton @ The Borderline

So, Frank Hamilton and his manager, Andy Knox, invited me along to take some photos at the last stop of Frank’s tour a few weeks ago…

I was more than happy to oblige; I feel the people whose eyeline I got in the way of were less happy though.

A few bruised ribs and lots of editing later, I’d churned out a few photos. These were a bit tricky, as for some reason The Borderline is keen on using a moody red cast LED setup to light the stage. Looks fine in person, less so in pictures. Even shooting raw didn’t help these particularly; I get the feeling that the colour balance isn’t ever going to be quite right. That aside, I’m fairly happy with what I got,  I just wish that I didn’t have to resort to black and white conversions as much. There’s no doubting they have their place, but when they are a purely utilitarian choice, I never feel as happy with them.

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